News Release

February 7, 2021

For:  Immediate Release

From:  The Thundertones Chorus


The ThunderTones, the local chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, is offering virtual Singing Valentines on Sunday, February 14.  The Valentine will be delivered via FaceTime, Signal, or as a download.

For just $25, an a cappella quartet will sing two love songs for your special someone as a wonderful surprise for Valentine’s Day.  Order online on the ThunderTones’ Facebook page, on Instagram, or on their webpage at  Phone orders will be taken at 304-302-NOTE. Both male and female quartets are available.

The ThunderTones have been delivering Singing Valentines in person in the tri-state for 20 years, but the pandemic has caused them to consider new ways of bringing that special Valentine happiness.  Of course, a virtual Valentine can be sent anywhere in the country, which is a plus for this year. ThunderTones director Steve Patrick commented, “Delivering the sentiment of love songs brings mixed emotions to the recipient.  In the course of one song, faces change from surprise to embarrassment to excitement to longing smiles.  Many end in sentimental tears.”  The quartets really enjoy doing Singing Valentines, and the lucky recipients love them as well.

The ThunderTones 2019 Fall Show